Here are a few things I’ve made to share with you all!


Free Printable Catholic Valentines

So… our co-op is having a Valentine’s Day party tomorrow–or, rather, joining the multi-co-op St. Valentine’s Day party, complete with valentine exchange, cupcakes, snacks, and crafts. And sixty kids!! Sixty kids–my kids will be in heaven. Me? All I can see are the dozens of cupcakes to bake, the crafts to make, and the bazillions of … Continue reading Free Printable Catholic Valentines

Free MEP Cover Sheets

What could possibly be better than a fantastic, completely free Math curriculum?? Why, free lovely cover sheets to put on your printed lesson plans, of course! ;) MEP is short for Mathematics Enhancement Programme, and it is (was?) the public school math curriculum in England, adapted from a program developed in Hungary at the Petö Institute … Continue reading Free MEP Cover Sheets