Reading Materials

We’re excited to have you with us! We are a small group studying Charlotte Mason’s writings and educational philosophy using Brandy Vencel’s Start Here study guide.  To participate, you will need to purchase two items:

Start Here by Brandy Vencel. This is an ebook available in PDF or Kindle format at this link. She is currently running a discount of 15% off when you enter the code “sisters” at checkout, so you can purchase it for $7.64.

For the Children’s Sake by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay. This is a classic homeschool book which has introduced families to Charlotte Mason’s philosophy for decades. It is available for about $10 on Amazon here, and you can often find it in Half Price Books and other stores.

The third text read each month is Charlotte Mason’s Volume 6: Toward a Philosophy of Education. This entire text is available for free on the Ambleside Online website here, and the pdf of the Start Here guide will automatically link to you the section needed for each discussion. However, if you’d like to have a paperback copy to hold in your hand, highlight, and scribble notes on, you can find it on Amazon here or stalk Ebay for copies. (Note: Only the paperbacks with the pink border are legitimate copies; the other versions are pirated off of the Ambleside Online site. The series is currently out of print.)

Note on printing: I do have an auto-duplexing printer and a spiral binding machine, so if you’d like I can print and bind your Start Here pdf and potentially some of the selections of CM’s Volume 6 readings for you. Contact me (and attach your pdf of Start Here) for details.